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A Place In The Sand: Amid unrest in Kenya, officials are calling on the UN to close the Dadaab camp in Northern Kenya. This archive report uncovers the plight of those inside what has until now been the world’s largest refugee camp.

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“Get off the gate! Get back, all of you!”, a guard at the entrance to the Dadaab camp shouts at the crowd. These people are exhausted from famine and their arduous journey, especially the children. “The child’s weight is five kilos. He should be around 10 kilos”, a camp doctor tells us. Unfortunately there is no space in the camps and these people must settle on its outskirts in makeshift shelters for months on end. So why isn’t more space being opened up? Aid agencies have pumped millions of dollars into providing new facilities, but they remain unopened. Fafa Olivier Attidzah, who runs the camp on behalf of the UN, claims: “We have decided to revisit the plot size so that we can accommodate more people. That is why we haven’t started putting people there”. But many claim the real reason is the Kenyan government’s fear of having 1 million Somali refugees inside its borders. Kenya is also suffering from a drought and as the Somali situation worsens there are fears that conflict could be on the horizon.

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