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Libya remains in a state of chaos after Gaddafi rule, the revolution and NATO’s intervention in 2011. What does the future hold for a nation torn apart? [Online until: 31.12.2018]

Are hopes of a democratic new beginning in Libya doomed to failure? That’s a question Libyan political scientist Abdulsalam Hamtoun is driven to answer. We travel through his homeland of Libya with him…a journey that provides some rare insights into the North African country and its cultural diversity. Ever since a fellow student was killed in one of Gaddafi’s mass executions, Abdulsalam Hamtoun has been a passionate supporter of democratic reform. When the Arab Spring of 2011 rolled through Libya, his dream finally seemed to be within reach. Then NATO intervened, and Gaddafi was overthrown. But years of civil war have left little behind but rubble and ashes, and Libyans now speak of a “stolen revolution”. Did NATO’s intervention make the situation worse? Was everything actually better under the dictator? Why hasn’t Libya’s parliament managed to draft a constitution, and why does the country explode into violence again and again? Hamtoun meets taxi drivers, football stars, shopkeepers and academics to ask about their hopes and fears. Could the warring parties agree on a common, Libyan identity? Do new ideas promise a peaceful future, or would it be better to revert to Libya’s living traditions and nearly forgotten cultural heritage?

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