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Finnish Riitta and Ugandan Catherine have something in common; work, a shared home and a sense of humour. Riitta has been working in Uganda for more than 25 years, and soon it is time for her to retire and to return to Finland. Before that, Riitta and Catherine will invite religious leaders to a course in which they challenge the priests and the imams to a straightforward, taboo-breaking discussion on women’s right to their bodies and lives.

Original title: Leaving Africa – A Story about Friendship and Empowerment

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In the workshop, awakenings happen and we’ll get to know better some of the participants whose life the training change. One participant of the workshop is 33-year-old Daizy who is an offertory collector in Catholic Church. Daizy lives with her eight biological children and five orphans. In the workshop, her beliefs are challenged and the very first thing is that she is going to give education to her five teenage girls and put her husband in order.

In the middle of their work, Riitta and Kata find themselves trapped in a chain of tricky events caused by anonymous allegation letter, addressed to Ugandan Parliament. The letter threatens their working licence in Uganda and soon they find out that someone is blackmailing them. What happens when the social structures are rotten by corruption and tribalism and the faith in fair justice is dispensed? The accusation and blackmailing are destroying Riitta’s and Kata’s life’s work and may leave a bitter legacy.

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