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VPRO Free sounds travels to Budapest, the birthplace of conductor and composer Iván Fischer, who works with his Budapest Festival Orchestra on the registration of the unruly 7th symphony by Gustav Mahler. The 7th symphony, which is preferred by some conductors than played, is a challenge for Iván Fischer; he wants to let the audience experience that this is an eclectic and comprehensive work in which many musical styles come together. In a very lively and visual way he knows how to inspire and motivate his orchestra members.

Melchior Huurdeman does not just follow Iván Fischer (1952) in the concert hall. He also returns with him to the places of Fischer’s early youth. So he grew up at the Andrassy Ud, right in front of the famous opera where Gustav Mahler was working as artistic conductor from 1888 onwards. From the age of 8, Iván closely followed the world of opera in a world that was immersed in music. His father translated operas to Hungarian. In this special of VPRO Vrije Geluiden, attention is also paid to the compositions that Fischer has made in recent years, in which the period of the interwar period occupies an important place.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2016.
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