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Fascism is on the rise in Italy and is attracting people of all ages. Forza Nuova is the most radical right-wing movement and is rapidly gaining ground, sowing the seeds of intolerance and violence.

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In the hills of Italy is a summer camp for kids. The theme? Fascism. 21-year-old Forza Nuova member Giorgia Pagiliuca helps out at the camp. “A lot must change”, she says. “Our country doesn’t help anyone unless they’re immigrants.” The immigration crisis coupled with the financial crash led to the election of a nationalist government. “There’s a need for a clean-up”, states Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. “Heavy-handedly, if necessary.” Helping immigrants has become a dangerous business. Don Massimo Biancalani converted his convent to house 100 migrants, but after a seemingly innocuous photo went viral, he has come under fire. “When Salvini posted the picture on his page, and wrote that I am an anti-Italian priest, thousands and thousands of insults ensued in the following days. Even death threats.” Not far away lies the town of Predappio, Mussolini’s birthplace and burial site, now a place of pilgrimage for tens of thousands of fascists. “[They] feel it was better when Mussolini was around”, says Mayor Giorgio Frasinetti. With violence against migrants on the rise, many are deeply concerned for Italy’s future.

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