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Judaism Divided (1998) – How The Violent Secular And Religious Divide In Israel Is Spiralling Out Of Control

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The gulf between ultra-orthodox and secular Jews is threatening Israel’s stability more than their conflict with the Arabs.

In a suburb of West Gaza, an orthodox community are outraged by the habits of their secular neighbours. “They walk with cleavage in front of people who need to observe modesty.” Liora and her secular neighbours complain of a recent incident when a Rabbi barged into her house and broke her stereo. The tension peaks at the Western Wall – an unholy battleground where Jew fights Jew. Liberal Jews are pushed back as they try to get to the wall on a religious holiday. The battle goes right to the core of Israel’s identity. Orthodox Jews fight for a marriage of religion and state in a theocracy – they will accept no compromises. Their secular opponents fight for democracy. Can this cultural war come to a peaceful conclusion or are these divisions going to come to a violent head?

ABC Australia: Ref 463

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