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Nepalese Elections (2008): After a decade of brutal civil war, can the Maoists be reconciled with Nepal’s democratic ambitions?

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Following crucial Nepalese elections, the Maoist’s have taken the lead. Ushering in a new era in Nepalese politics we examine the implications of their victory.

Nepal remains riven by deep social divisions. Pashupati Rana is the grandson of the last Rana family that ruled Nepal for 100 years. He campaigns for the poor to be integrated into the democratic movement. Rana says, “I have been arguing in favour for inclusion for the last 40 years”. Only a few of Nepal’s elite share his views. Many feel abandoned by politicians who often seem more concerned with power and prestige rather than tackling Nepal’s problems. Problems that led to 10 years of civil war with the Maoists. Maoist leader Prachanda says “We will win the election, its our belief. If we don’t win, then we will respect the verdict”. Just how will they react as and when the results come in?

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