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Home Sweet Home aka Sweet Iraq (2005):
This is the compelling tale of Hassan Janabi, who returned from 25 years in exile to help run the Ministry of Irrigation. We follow him as he deals with the problems of rebuilding his country and is reunited with his family.

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It seems that every day the rebuilding of Iraq suffers another setback. Thousands of families are still without water or electricity and patience is rapidly waning. But one group in particular remain optimistic: exiled Iraqis are thrilled to be back home.

An Iraqi by birth, Hassan returns from his home in Sidney to his native land. The last time he did so was years ago with his family on holiday to visit relatives. This time it is to be no holiday. He has been summoned by Iraq’s new post-Saddam administration to assist in the reconstruction of his homeland, but it is a land whose people are wracked with unemployment and afflicted with many other social maladies. The ordinary people of Iraq are forced to live their lives amongst insurgents who threaten to maintain the unstable environment of the Iraq war. It has been Hassan’s life-long dream to witness the state of Iraq democratic and freed from the tyranny of its former leader, but it seems that the new-found freedoms do not ensure Hassan’s safety: linked to Iraq’s new leadership, he knows he has become a vulnerable target for rebels still loyal to the old regime.

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