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Son Of Sam Two:It is the most perplexing case since the Son of Sam’s killing spree in the 1970s. Evading capture since 2007, the discovery of 10 more bodies from the ‘Craigslist killer’ has sent chills through the US.

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The first bodies were found in a remote, bracken-covered patch of ground in Long Island. The common link: they were all sex workers who advertised on the popular website Craigslist. Then, with the discovery of decapitated bodies – a new modus operandi – it emerged that two serial killers were at work. New Yorkers are gripped by the story, played out in well-to-do suburban America. “A homicide at a good address is the most wonderful story of all,” says Pete Hamill, a New York tabloid editor. “They get out there where they think they’re sealed off from it and there’s still crime”. Joe Coffey, the NY Homicide Detective who finally caught David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, knows the reality of the gruelling, procedural police work involved. “What’s it like? I would say hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror”. Does he think the police are any closer to solving the case? “They’re not close at all”.

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