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The Spirit of Survival (1999) – Yaroslavl’s struggling state-owned tyre factory turns into an unexpected success story.

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When the rouble collapsed its tyres were suddenly a quarter of the cost of their imported competition. With a touch of enterprising marketing from the new management Yaroslavl’s tyres are being bought and sold everywhere. The workers that used to get paid in inner tubes and food parcels are now getting regular pay-packets. There is even a factory hospital where employees and their families enjoy the most hi-tech equipment for miles around. But cold market principles do apply. Yevgenia, The hospital’s radiologist has 30 years experience, yet she gets paid less than a cleaner. Like most people in Yaroslavl, she gave-up any hope of being rich along time ago. “At times we get more, but then they stop raising salaries… but we keep living and the hospital can still treat the patients, this is what matters.” In towns like Yaroslavl private citizens might just succeed where Governments have failed.

ABC Australia – Ref no. 554

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