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Gold for Bread (2009): MDC activist Sam Chakaipa returns to his village in Zimbabwe to find his friends and neighbours starving. As the Zimbabwean dollar becomes ever weaker, gold has become the currency of choice.

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‘0.1gram of gold for a tin of grain!’ calls a seller from the back of his car. The people in this village have given up on the Zimbabwean dollar; gold is the new currency. ‘For everything they want gold. I don’t remember the last time I had Zimbabwean dollars. They don’t accept it in the shops,’ tells one man. Families are forced to pan for gold powder in the rivers. It can take all day to find enough gold to buy one loaf of bread. Chakaipa visits his former neighbour who simply says ‘Without panning there is no life at all.’ As mothers hunt for gold to care for their children, those too weak to dig for themselves are left struggling to survive. ‘If you are disabled or old it means you are going to die.’

Guardian Films – Ref. 4356

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