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Casualties of the Crisis (2012) : With Greece given a new 130 billion Euro bailout package, this report looks at the human fallout of the country’s crisis. It finds a people struggling to survive under a crippling regime of austerity.

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In recent months ordinary Greeks have watched their lives disintegrate. Everyday life in the country has become a struggle, so much so that even those in the middle classes are relying on handouts. “We cannot put up with anymore demands. This is not tax, this is extortion”, says a Greek drinks distributor. In a typical shopping quarter in Athens, shops are mainly shut because people can’t afford to buy anything. Making a daily living becomes harder even for those who were careful. But somehow there is still optimism, as well as a determination to pull together. “In the difficult times, the Greeks are always united. I think the same will happen again now.”

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