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Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2012): In less than 24 hours, Egypt’s ruling military junta has tightened its grip on power. Dealing a crushing blow to the country’s transition to civilian rule, it’s a move that could see a return to revolution.

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“They want to steal our revolution”, protestors shout. In a return to martial law, Egypt’s highest court has ruled recent parliamentary elections partially invalid. The court has effectively dissolved the newly elected parliament and handed legislative powers to the military council until new parliamentary elections. When the court’s rulings were finally announced, protesters erupted in anger, with chants ringing out against the military junta and its pro-military candidate Ahmed Shafiq. But many activists say that another massive uprising will be the last line of defence against a complete military takeover. “It’s going to be very hard for all Egyptian people. This ruling means the military is coming back.”

Reed Lindsay and Jihan Hafiz – Ref. 5546

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