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Groby Old Hall in Leicestershire was once home to the legendary White Queen: Elizabeth, the wife of Edward IV. The Team are here to help the new owners, who have saved the house from dereliction, to find out what has gone on in their garden over the centuries.

It’s full of tantalising glimpses of archaeology: a medieval wall with a window, carved stones and what looks like the remains of a Norman castle. Sorting this lot out is the kind of challenge the Team can’t resist.

Over three days they discover this remarkable piece of land contains over 600 years of archaeology. It may seem run down now but it once belonged to one of the most powerful families in medieval Britain, the Greys.

Monumental walls and grand manors emerge from the trenches as Tony is joined by historian and international bestselling author Philippa Gregory to piece together the intriguing tale of this power-hungry family.

He discovers a dynasty that arrived with William the Conqueror and went on to produce two queens of England: Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey.

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