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Never Ending Tragedy (2010): Conditions are poor following the earthquake in Haiti. With no chance to leave, Haitians are suffering through destruction and disease.

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When Juliana and her mother were pulled from the rubble in Haiti they were hailed as symbols of hope. Five months later, their story is symbolic of the desperate plight of the earthquake’s survivors.

Following her mother’s death, Juliana has waited in hospital for months for treatment on her damaged legs – the situation is becoming desperate. Her dressings haven’t been changed regularly. At night the infection makes her fever soar. “She cries in her sleep and when she wakes up she screams”. Yet there is little sympathy in Port au Prince for the bereaved and traumatised. The town is one huge refugee camp with everyone struggling to survive. Juliana’s aunt arrives from Canada. She wants to take her niece home for urgent treatment, but she does not have the correct papers. Despite paying a lawyer to help, the gates of the embassy remain closed. “They said it is impossible to get a visa here”. As excavators clear the last remains of Juliana’s home she pleads, “tell me: what should I do?”.

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