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Greece is bankrupt. And its failure could also have severe repercussions for all of the euro zone countries. With Parliamentary elections scheduled for late April, we invite you to lay witness to history in the making. And as with the other episodes in this series, this documentary will take you on a journey that goes from deep in the countryside, all the way into the center of the capital. We’ll test the temperature in the remote areas of the country and hear what the Greek citizens of the heartland have to say during this critical moment in their country’s history. So how are people getting on in a country reeling from financial ruin? From there, we’ll head to the capital, Athens, where we will ask the political leaders of Greece how the country found itself in such an untenable situation, with respect to its people but also with its European partners. On the eve of a crucial election, how can we trust a political class that has driven an entire nation into the abyss? Can people still believe in the world’s oldest democracy? Will the country that invented democracy in the sixth century BC, be about to destroy it… and thereby bring down the whole euro zone with it?

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This documentary was also part of the series “On The Road”.

Director : Emmanuel Leconte & Daniel Leconte
Author : Emmanuel Leconte & Daniel Leconte
Length : 52′
Year : 2012
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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