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As Greece cracks down on Golden Dawn this report reveals shocking claims that the vigilante far-right group has long been part of the state machinery.

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As Greece reels from more economic pain, this report reveals claims that the far-right Golden Dawn party have heavily infiltrated the police. It’s a stark warning of where the country could be headed.

“Blood! Honour! Golden Dawn!” Dressed all in black and in protective gear, members of Golden Dawn look more like soldiers than protesters. As Greek civil society has been crumbling under economic pressures, their savage attacks on the immigrants they blame for the economic crisis have become more frequent and violent. “They kicked my face. I had to have metal plates implanted,” an Egyptian fisherman tells us. Even more shocking though are the links that have been drawn between them and the state. For the first time in this report a senior police officer has spoken on camera to claim that successive governments in Greece allowed the ultra-nationalist party to infiltrate the police force. “The state apparatus have known Golden Dawn’s every move for years now… the state made room for the terrorists. It did that deliberately to use them for its own purposes,” he insists. A frightening snapshot of a country in crisis.

Guardian News & Media – Ref. 5668

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