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VPRO Metropolis is looking for the most coveted precious metal in the world: gold. Once you have been struck by the gold rush, you always want more gold. Let’s have a look at gold lovers from all around the world.

For example, the gold maniac Arie in Germany, after the first golden tap, has gilded his entire house from top to bottom with a layer of 24 carat gold.

Gold digger Dan in America parks his camper daily next to a stream to search for gold. On a good day, he will gather around 20 dollars of gold flakes together. Then gold searches in the state of California and looks like he has stepped out of the gold rush. The work is heavy, the yield is often disappointing and apart from the company of his two wolf dogs, he does it all by himself. ‘I did have partners, but they sometimes tried to push gold backwards.
Or they wanted more than there was to be found. “Gold makes people greedy”, explains Dan. Because if you do well, you can earn a fair amount in the gold trade.

Take Danish from Pakistan. He manages the waste processing of the gold market in Karachi and that gives him a lot of income. He employs countless peasant sowers who search for small pieces of gold for their chief in the waste and sewage of the goldsmiths.

Also gold buyer Arsène from Burkina Faso leaves the dirty work to others. ‘I am glad that I am a buyer, that is a lot less dangerous than working in the mine. The underground tunnels sometimes collapse. I have already seen many accidents happen’, explains Arsène about his choice of career.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2013.
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