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Ten years ago, Germany was considered as the “sick man of Europe”. However, during the last years, the country became the motor of the euro zone. Some praise the efficiency of the “German model”, others criticize the merciless rigor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
In Bavaria, citizens consider financial solidarity with the Greeks as problematic, as well as the financial equalization among the federal states in Germany, for which Bavaria had to pay billions of euros. In Stuttgart, the protests about the controversial rail station project “Stuttgart 21” raises the question about the poeple’s participation in political decisions. In Thuringia it comes to the lack of minimum wages and in North Rhine-Westphalia to the so called “Energiewende” decided by Angela Merkel, with all the contradictions involved.
This travel through the states of Germany tries to illuminate the internal political challenges of a country, poorly known by its European neighbors.

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Documentary from the series “I Love Democracy”

Director: Kathrin Wildhagen, Johannes Kulms and Daniel Leconte
Author: Kathrin Wildhagen, Johannes Kulms and Daniel Leconte
Length: 52′
Year: 2013
Producer: Daniel Leconte

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