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When it comes to world football, China is not a major player. The country has once again failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

The national squad languishes between position 70 and 80 in FIFA’s world ranking. For President Xi Jinping and hundreds of millions of Chinese, it’s an intolerable situation. They are determined to see China become a football superpower. China has kicked off a “great leap forward” on the football pitch. For China, the initiative is a matter of honor. For Germany, it’s a very lucrative business. As reigning world champion, football “Made in Germany” enjoys a strong reputation, including in East Asia, where German football is supposed to help strengthen and expand economic relations to China. This report investigates the cooperation between German and Chinese football and explains why German companies and clubs are so committed to it. With in-depth reporting from China and interviews with key players, the documentary provides a look behind the scenes of a major deal – one that involves not only football glory but a lot of money, too.

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