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Tawfiq’s Reef: Gaza fisherman remember their friend Tawfiq, killed by Israeli soldiers

Exposing Israel’s Ultra-Nationalist Settler Movement

The Palestinian Kids Out To Break A World Record

Palestine’s Fight For Recognition On The Football Pitch

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In Gaza, Palestinian fishermen are under siege by the Israeli Navy, frequently shot at with machine guns at close range for straying too close. This is the story of Tawfiq Abu Riyala, who was shot dead on his boat.

Gaza fishermen are heavily restricted, often indebted, shot at, harassed or imprisoned by the Israeli Navy. Tawfiq was killed while attempting to build a man-made reef off the coast of Gaza. “And what did he do? He was making a living for his kids”, says his friend. With shocking footage of fishermen under fire, this film reveals the terrifying conditions facing those attempting to scratch out a living in this volatile region.

Flying Paper Productions – Ref. 6659

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