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Free Scotland (2007): A look back at SNP leader Alex Salmond’s push for a referendum on Scottish independence. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads:

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After 300 years of Scottish union with England, is Scotland about to become an independent country? The SNP, widely predicted to win next month’’s election, is pushing for full independence.

“I find it extraordinary that pompous twats like PM Blair can tell Scotland we can’t govern our own affairs”, states Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond. Fuelled by disillusionment with Tony Blair’s leadership, support for the SNP is growing. If they win next month’s election, they’ve vowed to hold a referendum on independence. Britain warns separation would lead to Scotland’s economic collapse. But the SNP believes revenue from North Sea oil can form the basis of a Scottish national economy. And, as Prof Devine explains: “All the basic foundations of Union have disintegrated.”

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