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Since the pictures of disturbed children crowded into unsanitary orphanages shocked the world, western money has poured in.

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In Romania shepherds still herd their sheep with the changing seasons, pony drawn carts plod along the roads and women still abandon kids in orphanages because, for whatever reason they can’t cope. The abandoned children of Romania live a better life today with one cot each, more nurses to cuddle them and toys aplenty. But it’s still hardly ideal. And so the government is working with NGOs to get the children fostered. Up to $40 a month has been made available to families willing to look after orphans. Gypsy boy Attile plays in the garden with his toy doll. Initially shy and reserved he’s learnt how to relax. The deal is working well for the carers too. “I love children. Financially it’s good as it means I’m officially employed so I will get a pension.” But the Minister for Child Protection believes communist attitudes still challenge the nation’s kids. “It’s very difficult to change the accepted opinion that the state is raising children because for years the state looked after family responsibilities.” As ever money in Romania is in short supply, and orphanages without foreign charity support are falling behind.

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