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American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon became the basis for one of the biggest conspiracy theories born after September 11: for the authors, no plane ever crashed into the Pentagon, it was a missile that struck, with no trace of any plane crash. Considered to be the largest “disinformation machine” to grow out of the tragedy.As part of the 10th memorial of September 11th, the objective of this film is not to revisit the logic of the conspiracy but rather cut the conspiracy right in its tracks by going back to basics of the actual events that unfolded that day… investigating the facts, tracing the timeline of the tragic morning of Tuesday, September 11th. There will also be an effort to understand the purely American point of view on this event and, why, the information gathered from the investigation left so many questions unanswered. It will be largely based on witnesses of several family members of victims. The youngest victim was 3 years old; the oldest was 71 years…The film will simply concentrate on that fateful tragic flight that included actual eyewitnesses and records before and after the crash. So we will collect five families of victims of Flight 77 and 3 families of Pentagon victims as witness. They will also let us know their stories after the Ben Laden’s death. Flight 77 will forever be considered as a metaphor of the wild rumours that ran amok on Sept. 11th.

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Director : Christophe Weber
Author : Christophe Weber
Length : 90′
Year : 2011
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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