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Preparing for the Worst (2010): A look at the terrible violence in Myanmar as the country proceeds toward constitutional reform

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The Burmese junta continues to terrorise ethnic minorities, driving them from their villages. Holding little hope that the elections will bring change, ethnic militias struggle to care for their people.

Colonel Nerdah Mya, leader of the Karen militia, the KNLA, brings his troops into another destroyed minority village. They have come to provide healthcare for the malnourished residents. Their stance is clear: “The Burmese are executing genocide against the Karen people”. Exercising a brutal scorched earth policy throughout the region, the SPDC has driven thousands of refugees into hiding. Mya and his men are trying to find a safe place to rebuild the village, and yet the threat of the ever-approaching army hangs over their efforts. The guerrilla leader is certain the elections won’t change the regime: “We are trying to rebuild our community…They have their own plan.”

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