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The Boris Mission: From selfies to sausages- Boris Johnson’s plans to fight Farage

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Boris Johnson’s bumbling charm has won him many fans in England, but what are the guts of his politics? This report follows the mayor as he poses for selfies on the campaign trail, and asks him some pressing questions.

“Boris!…Boris!… Boris!” Members of the public vie for the mayor’s attention as he makes his way through Uxbridge meeting and greeting locals. His popularity is clear, but is there any substance behind his unique style? For Londoners, his tenure as mayor is most memorable for bringing them Boris Bikes, a rental scheme that upped the city’s green credentials. But ask Boris and he will focus on “wealth creation”. Under him, London’s economy “is going gang-busters”, he claims. Now he is focusing his efforts on his party’s electoral campaign. “Vote Conservative, and get broadband. Vote UKIP and get Miliband.” It is this sort of quipping that Boris is known for, but can it take him all the way to the top? “I’ll be an old decrepit man by the time David Cameron relinquishes power”, comes his bashful response.

ABC Australia – Ref 6439

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