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The World Tomorrow – Episode 6 (2012): Are media disguising themselves to interfere politics? What is the relationship between the U. S. and Ecuador? These and other questions are being answered by Ecuador’s president Correa.

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In Assange’s most incisive interview to date in his World Tomorrow series President Correa speaks frankly about his nation’s relationship with the USA, media corruption and the future of South America.

Discussion opens with the circumstances surrounding the attempted coup d’etat in Ecuador in 2010, during which the president was taken hostage. From there this weeks interview moves on to the key relationships between media, money and the interests of the United states that are at play in Ecuador. Following the coup attempt, Correa embarked on a furious and controversial counter offensive against US interests in the country. He attributes the media’s support of the coup in 2010 to the vested interests of corporate power and its control of key aspects of Ecuador’s institutions, even elements of Ecuador’s military and police. He explosively claims corporate owners of the media “disguised as journalists, are trying to do politics, to destabilise our governments so that no change takes place in our region, for fear of losing the power they have always flaunted”.

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