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The pigeonhole man opens this new season of Anthropology of the Dutch with a visit to Drenthe. One of the Drents he visited was Barry Gepken, age 42, from Erica, who, with his Mammoth Foundation, revives all kinds of old Drenthe celebrations.
From the pigeonhole man:
“We were looking for the community with the lowest self-image, and those are the Drents. This is evident from historical sources, but also from every conversation with every Drent. If you say to a Drent: what do you have a nice sweater, he says: well, it was from the Zeeman, 1 euro 50. The broadcast focuses on that inferiority complex, combined with the rather shocking discovery that Drenthe is the largest province from the Netherlands. I suspect that the average Drent can not appreciate this broadcast; the average Drent finds everything stupid. And yet I think you as a viewer of this episode will love the people from Drenthe.”
Original title: De Hokjesman – de Drenten.

Presented by: Michael Schaap
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