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DOCS: Women In Blue – Safe Streets
You might think you’ve had a tough day – but did you break up a gang fight, arrest an exhibitionist, tail a grand theft auto suspect on a high-speed car chase, make a diving tackle to catch a fleeing criminal, and end up with a black eye… all before 10.30am?!

‘Women In Blue’ is a three-part documentary series that follows the action-packed lives of various women from different divisions of law enforcement, and examines how the challenges, drama and danger of their jobs affect them at home.

From nerve-wracking stakeouts and drug busts, to the heartbreaking reality of having to cancel an anniversary dinner because crime doesn’t stop for romance, we see how much these real women lay on the line – their relationships, their safety, even their lives – in order to become protectors of the peace… and heroines.

This is Part 1 of ‘Women In Blue’ – ‘Safe Streets’.

Part Two will be available from 6/11/2014.
Part Three will be available from 11/11/2014.

CREDIT: Off The Fence Productions

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