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Body Image – If You Could See What I See: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
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‘Body Image’ is a four-part series of full-length documentaries exploring modern body issues.

Part 3 – ‘If You Could See What I See: Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ – explores Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD: a rare psychological disease characterised by an obsession with a particular body part, which sufferers envision as being hideously ugly.

BDD affects 4 million men and women in the United States alone, and it destroys lives, driving its victims to the edge of insanity and suicide.

This programme examines the biochemical and environmental factors which may affect the disease, and follows the stories of several sufferers:

– 24-year-old Australian Jason Fellowes believes his face is “hideously ugly.” He has traveled to Los Angeles to battle his disease with a combination of drugs like Prozac and cognitive behavioural therapy.
– 22-year-old Elizabeth Delaney developed BDD when a chance remark by a friend about facial hair sent her spiraling into unrelenting despair.
– Doug Tyrrel is 45, and his BDD began after his marriage collapsed.
– Finally, parents Scott Granet and Patrice Koshiol are struggling to raise children while also battling body dysmorphia.

Leading experts such as Dr. Katharine Phillips – author of definitive BDD study ‘The Broken Mirror’ – weigh in with their theories and opinions to form a documentary that offers a true view of a disease that prevents people from seeing a true view of their own bodies.

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