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The Carles’ household near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire can certainly claim to be unique, as it is home to four girls who are 4 of a kind but who also beat the odds of 64 million to one to survive. Ellie, Georgina, Jessica and Holly are Britain’s only identical quadruplets and their mum Julie was only the 27th woman in the world to conceive monochorionic quads naturally. This documentary will follow their journey during their first year at school as they cause a lot of confusion and sometimes hostility wherever they go. With identical strawberry blonde corkscrew curls, the same faces and heights – they are impossible to tell apart and people often stare and ask some quite blunt questions about what it’s like to bring up four of a kind. This documentary will aim to answer these questions and also give insight into the uniqueness of identical quadruples. How identical are they really?

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