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Gone are the days of the lone starry-eyed hackers in search of glory and self-satisfaction. Today hackers have become veritable covert foot soldiers of the state, leading the wars of tomorrow. They are put to work in ultra secret quarters, backed by budgets that exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. Wars that were once waged by land, sea, and air have now entered a new dimension: cyberspace… it’s a global war that will forever change the landscape of the world. Wall Street (USA), Canada, France had been confronted with it.This film tells of this underground war, which is redrawing the contours of our future. We’ll get an upfront look at the Israeli Stuxnet cyber attack which severely undermined the Iranian nuclear program, Russia’s botnet war waged against Estonia and Georgia … unleashing a network of hundreds of thousands of hacked computers around the world, and the brewing cyber cold war between the United States and China – full of offensives and counter offensives … A U.S. national security official explains how the Chinese have implemented “cyber spies” into the power grid of the United States, as an intimidation tactic. And finally, we will examine major policy changes that have resulted from this new war being waged: would conventional means be used to respond to a cyber attack? How do you hit back at an enemy that lurks through the anonymity of cyberspace? Is it enough to build a defense against cyber-weapons, or is it also necessary to develop capabilities to counter attack? It’s a war with no boundaries where the strategies and consequences have yet to be defined.

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Director : Antoine Vitkine
Author : Antoine Vitkine
Length : 50 ‘
Year : 2011
Producer : DOC EN STOCK

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