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Bolivia Climate Change (2011): Bolivia is right on the frontline of climate change. Not only are the people fighting against the erratic weather patterns that are causing havoc to their communities, but their President, Morales is challenging the mighty capitalist powers in a valiant effort to save our planet.

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Earlier this year, days of continuous rainfall caused a mudslide that wiped out an entire district of La Paz. In the countryside fortunes were no greater, the disappearance of the Chacaltaya Glacier brought about a drought which meant many crops failed to produce sufficient yield to support the farmers that nurtured them. With such clear manifestations of climate change it is no surprise that the government is passing ambitious new environment laws, with the hope that other nations will follow suit. In fact, the President’s view on climate change verges on revolutionary, in his eyes the current global economic model must be overhauled if our planet is to be saved: “The real cause of climate change is the capitalist system” . However, according to the rest of the world, it is these overly idealistic views that are really destroying any global agreement on the issue.

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