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A new insight into the story of Giacomo Casanova. A true son of the renaissance, Casanova was a musician, a cleric, a spy and a lover. He led a tempestuous life where he amassed and lost fortunes, invented the National Lottery, fought duels with Counts, and had the most famous love life of all time.

This dramatised documentary series is based upon a collection of letters left by Casanova in the library of Duchov Palace where he died at the age of 73, all but forgotten by a world that he had charmed, amazed and shocked only a few years before.

The letters were catalogued by Bernhard Marr in 1913, but with the outbreak of World War I, were again forgotten and never commercially published, available only as tools to researchers. These documents are actual correspondence between Casanova and his lovers, offering a completely unique perspective to his story.

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