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Dancing For Hope: Ballet might not seem like the typical therapy for war-ravaged civilians, but in this moving report we see what a difference a dance can make in some of the world’s most troubled regions.

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In a tiny alleyway in the highly crowded Burj Barajneh camp in Beirut, traumatised young Palestinians are recovering from their war experiences in a ramshackle studio. Nicholas Rowe has taught dance in some of the world’s most war-ravaged regions and he’s certain of its healing powers. “It’s about reclaiming space. It gives a whole new meaning as to what this place is”. Nicholas left a glamorous job at the Australian ballet to pursue this calling in Bosnia and now the West Bank, with amazing results. He is convinced that the art can not only reintegrate people but can influence political and social trends.”It provides an alternative vision of how the world can be”.

SBS Australia – Ref. 2

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