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Massacre at the mosque: Has south Thailand become another Jihad frontline?

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Following the Krue Se Mosque massacre and failed April uprising, has South Thailand become another frontier for jihad?

Secret video footage shows soldiers firing tear gas and rocket propelled grenades into the Krue Se Mosque. The siege began after gunmen sought refuge there following an attack on a police station. More than 11 different locations were also attacked in this mysterious co-ordinated uprising. Over 100 young men were killed as the rebellion was crushed. Very little is known about the uprising except the role played by religion. “A group of religious teachers have been indoctrinating the youth secretly,” states Senator Choonhaven. The Muslim south has a long history of separatist struggles and the government’s harsh approach to its Muslim population has angered many. “I think Thailand will be in for a very troublesome time in future,” warns Choonhaven.

SBS: Ref – 2380

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