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A one-off documentary that examines ethical issues and questions in the light of revelations by scientists that, thanks to fertility treatment, a women can now have children right up into her eighties.

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  • Kelly 2 years ago

    I am trying to find out if Jenny and warren managed to conceive, I really felt for them such a lovely couple and I am hoping they got there little bundle of joy

  • Kelly 2 years ago

    Did jenny and warren manage to get pregnant I’d love to hear an update

    • Theo Silk 2 years ago

      Dear Kelly,

      I have just watched this programme with my parents, Warren and Jenny, and for the first time in 17 years I have heard the whole story. I am glad to say I am alive and well along with my twin sister due to the fertility treatment my parents underwent. I am forever grateful for the pure tenacity of my parents, never willing to give up and here I am, 17 years of age and loving life.

      Thank you for caring about us,

      Theo Silk

      • Jane 9 months ago

        Wow! ! That’s great! I’ve just watched it on YouTube 😊

      • Lucy 4 months ago

        Wow! I’m so happy your parents managed to conceive I’ve just finished watching the program! X

  • Warren 2 years ago

    Dear Kelly

    We have just watched the programme with our 17 year old son and are thrilled to let you know that it worked for us and we have wonderful twins – a boy and a girl.

    We knew we should never give up and we prayed for a miracle. It happened….. to any one out there who is trying DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

    Warren and Jenny

    • Tianna Marie Russo 6 months ago

      omg this MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO HEAR! I WAS ROUTING FOR YOU GUYS SO MUCH WHILE WATCHING THE DOCUMENTARY! So so so happy you both were able to conceive! and with TWINS at that!!

  • Torsten Prix 1 year ago

    Oh Warren. That sounds nice. Congratz.
    We still try, but with every information we stronger believe

  • Janne Tosland 1 year ago

    Oh I am so glad Theo that your Mum and Dad kept tryouts ng and that your u and your sister came to find them! Have a brilliant life!

    Jenny and Warren congratulations on working so hard to find your family.

    Janne (Sydney, Australia)

  • Sam B. 1 year ago

    Omg Congrats Jenny & Warren! I’m sooo glad you guys had a baby an twins to top it all off!I was so touched by your story .I have two teenage kids so I know its a huge part of life.Iplease look into doing a follow up story with your family maybe reach out to the people who did the first one ! Like an Oprah where are they now vibe!Good Luck:)
    Your friend across the pond!

  • Catherine 5 months ago

    I stumbled upon “Babies at 50” on YouTube last night and, after watching it, I immediately wanted to know if Jenny and Warren were able to have the family they so badly wanted. I’m just overjoyed to read here that they went on to have twins. What a wonderful outcome for such a lovely couple.

  • Jill 4 months ago

    I am crying tears of pure joy reading this wonderful news!!
    Warren and Jenny seemed like they would make the most wonderful parents. I’m absolutely delighted for you all.
    And you now have beautiful twins who are nearly grown up themselves. Wow!!
    I am 42 and seven weeks pregnant with baby number 3.
    My son is 18 and my daughter is 14…
    Bit of an age gap but we couldn’t be happier!!
    Wishing you all lots of love and happiness in life.
    Dreams really do come true!!

    Jill xxx

  • Christine 4 months ago

    Just watched the documentary on channel 5 and started searching to see what had happened to Jenny and Warren so pleased that your were successful things and you were able to have your family congratulations

  • Jemma Goater 4 months ago

    Wow!! Thats fantastic news ! Huge congratulations Jenny and Warren xxxx

  • Cathy Bell 3 months ago

    I’ve just come across this programme, so glad to hear that you have twins! I too have twin girls who are 19yrs old now,

  • Michael West 2 months ago

    I just saw the documentary, great to hear Jenny and Warren got their wish, x2! Thanks to the family for letting us know too. Best wishes.

  • Baks 2 months ago

    How old is this documentry looks like it’s from the 90s

  • Julie 2 months ago

    I have only just watched Babies at 50. While watching Warren and Jenny I had my fingers firmly crossed even though I knew this was filmed so many years ago. I had to go straight online at nearly midnight to see if I could find out how things worked out for these guys. I couldn’t be more happy that things worked out so well. Belated congratulations guys x


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