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In the Arizona desert, a group of highly armed men are on the alert. With no official recognition, they are vigilantes who patrol the US border; but are these amateur militias more of a threat than a service? Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads:

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“Basically, what we’re trying to do is just hurt the cartels’ pocket book. This area is pretty much theirs”, Tim Foley, leader of the ‘Arizona Border Recon’ says, justifying his operations along the US/Mexico border. His heavily-armed team consider it their duty to enforce this border with vigour and military hardware.

They are not alone – Arizona has more than a dozen self-proclaimed militia groups, none of which have any state sanction. A patrolman of the ‘Arizona State Militia’ explains his reasons for joining: “I prepare for things such as a pandemic or something of that nature”, explicates the militianman, “there’s a lot of situations you can dream up in your head that may be possible where you may be called to defend”.

However, others see these groups as threats to both local and national security. Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the country’s leading authorities on militia groups, and criticises them heavily: “These people are incredibly dangerous. They’re running around like a bunch of GI Joe’s, darting from cactus plant to cactus plant, armed to the teeth, and essentially playing war.”

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