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Living Dead (2010): Families watch as their relatives are taken by the drug ‘Paco’, turning them into the ‘living dead’, and making Buenos Aires a living hell.

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Made from the foul waste of cocaine, ‘Paco’ is the latest in a long line of crippling drug epidemics in Argentina. A group of mothers are determined to save the addicts, but is it too little, too late?

Sold for a meagre $1 a packet, Paco is said to leave its victims in a zombie-like state. With some addicts needing up to 100 hits a day, devastation is rife for them and their families. But as the drug becomes readily available to the younger generation, parents are stepping in. One mother says, “going for a walk is like walking in hell lately, because of the Paco problem”. However the drug circuit tells a different story: “there’s money at stake and it takes away their power”. As the ‘living dead’ wander the streets of Buenos Aires desperately searching for their next fix, has the fight against Paco become too hard?

SBS Australia – Ref. 4893

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