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From the Inside (1998) – Gagging Tibet’s campaign for freedom

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We travel to Lhasa, formerly the seat of Government and home to the Dalai Lama but now little more than a museum.

The Chinese would like to present Tibet as transformed from feudal theocracy to modern socialist state. We are followed by minders at every turn. An old Tibetan lady parrots the party line under the eye of the intrusive government minder. But the undercurrents of resistance break through the official straitjacket. A Buddhist monk slips us a note pleading for help. We interview him clandestinely. He tells of continued Chinese repression of Tibetan culture.Other Chinese provinces dissuade migrants from taking local jobs but in Tibet the opposite is true – this is a systematic and deliberate attempt to dilute Tibetan culture. As our minders backs are turned, local craftsmen tell us they want the exiled Dalai Lama to return.

ABC Australia: Ref 451

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