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On the Veluwe lives dwelling and conservative people. In the past, the people there lived completely isolated, the surrounding forest shielded the outside world. The people had to survive by ploughing through the poor sandy soils and for a good harvest the only think they could do was to pray God. Today, these people are rich and no longer depend on the soil: they are slowly letting go of the farm life. The outside world is constantly pushing for taking over, especially with the Internet, but also by going out and working outside the area. Urban problems are no longer avoidable.

Original Title: De Hokjesman – De Boeren
Fascinated by the prevailing pigeonhole spirit, the pigeonhole man goes on field research into the world of appealing Dutch subcultures. With a wink to the classical ethnologist, dressed in a three-piece suit with a bow tie, he analyzes the man as one of the animal groups.
Directed by: Michael Schaap and Jurjen Blick
© VPRO January 2013

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