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This documentary about Tunisia is divided into two distinct parts. The first part takes an upfront and intimate look at the pulse of the country: families, workers, activists, the unemployed, lawyers, judges, cops, the religious,…. Over the course of the documentary, the film showcases people, places, and all the life moments in between! Gafsa, a mining town in western Tunisia … these mines reflect the great disillusionment and the incredible gap between the promises of the revolution and the stark economic and social reality of today. We catch up with Sidi Bouzid in the town where Mohamed Bouazizi, a young vegetable seller, set himself on fire, back in December 2010… an event that became known as a precursor to the Arab Spring. Radio Kasserine will show us how it’s possible to broadcast 13 hours a day, equipped with just a computer, a headset and a 3G USB modem. In Hammamet, a seaside town, we will find out first-hand the economic consequences associated with the drop in tourism since the revolution.
The second part, conducted by Daniel Leconte, is more political in theme, and interviews with political leaders and intellectuals (Moncef Marzouki (President) ; Rached Ghannouchi (Ennahda party), Mokhtar Yahyaoui (Lawyer) ) will address the following questions: What will be the exact political make-up of the country? Are they heading towards a more presidential or parliamentary system? What model will define Tunisia? Could Turkey be the ideal model: a secular Muslim state often cited as the shining example of the healthy balance between religion and politics? And what game will the West play?

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This documentary is part of the series “On the Road”.

Director: Fabrice Gardel & Franck Guerin
Duration: 52′
Year: 2012
Producer: Daniel Leconte

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