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Original title: After Democracy

Can democracy still be saved? Can we address the shortcomings of representative democracy — failing political parties, increasing distrust of government — within the current system or are we set to embark on a journey across a border where nobody ever dared to go? An analysis by people who should know: starting with Fareed Zakaria, the diagnosis that he suggested: political control is impossible because politicians have to answer for 24 hours a day and are too dependent on an increasingly fickle electorate.

Followed by political scientist John Keane, who chronicled the history of democracy and describes the current phase as ‘monitory democracy’. Where transparency is a great thing and citizens control the power in numerous ways. What lessons does the past teach, according to Keane? Should we explore a new political model in order to overcome the current multi crises? In After Democracy this urgent question is addressed by Fareed Zakaria, John Keane, Hilary Wainwright, William Dobson and Cheng Li.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2010.
© VPRO Backlight May 2010

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Director: Chris Kijne
Research: William de Bruijn
Producer: Judith van de Berg
Commissioning editors: Henneke Hagen/Jos de Putter
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.


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