Death: A series about Life – Episode 02: Life after Death

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Over 90 % of Earth`s population believe in a life after death. Why is that, and how do people around the world act to ensure a good afterlife?

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Shot around the world on 100 locations in 25 countries tackling death from the physical, spiritual, creative, commercial and political angle. A father and his 8 years old daughter whose mother has died lead through five episodes. They travel the world and appreciate life the more they learn about death and how different cultures deal with it in various ways.

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This is an entertaining and inspiring series on the one thing we know for sure: that there is an end. The presence of death in our lives is far larger than we often think, and it has a fascinating effect on how we lead our lives.
This series will probe this often yielded subject with humour, curiosity, openness and respect.

High production value, solid research, shifts between individual examples and macro level are some key words. The cases in each episode will be structured thematically. Both the individual episodes and the series as a whole will go from the simplest questions to the complex and diverse answers and practices we find around the world. Sometimes we find symmetry, other times contrasts – often in surprising ways.

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