TPT Originals

For more than six decades, Twin Cities PBS has served as the headwaters of Minnesota stories – and today, we’re more committed than ever to revealing that there’s more to the North Star State than arctic winters and funny accents. Introducing TPT Originals, a hub of locally-focused stories about Minnesota and the people who call Minnesota home, created by one of Minnesota’s finest public-media organizations. With a blend of new work and tales revived from TPT’s archive, TPT Originals weaves together the varied experiences that form the tapestry of our community, in turn offering depth and dimension to the way you see Minnesota. From profiles of local artists propelling our cultural zeitgeist to in-depth portraits of the issues that mattered most then and continue to matter today, TPT Originals invites you to dive deep, far below the placid surface, and to emerge with a rush of Minnesota pride. For more, head to: