Chasing the Sun – First world tour on a giant boat powered by solar energy

With its 85 000 Kg structure mainly made of carbon resin and its unique design, the Planet Solar is the largest solar boat in the world to have accomplished a round the World tour. This film recounts the story of this technological challenge and human adventure.

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From its conception plans in 2004 until its first sailing adventures in September 2010, this documentary revives these challenging years during which Raphael Domjan fought to raise the money to build and achieve his vision. On May 2012, after two years of thrills and hardships on the seas, the Solar Planet had sucessfully reached its
final destination. An inspiring technological challenge and human adventure which sets its mark in the development of clean energy transportation.

“Chasing the Sun”, discover in this 52 minutes documentary, the amazing adventure of the first around the world with solar energy.
This movie tells the story of the PlanetSolar adventure, since its early beginning in 2004 until the achievment of the first around the globe between September 2010 and May 2012.
Discover how Raphaël Domjan, unknown but passionate, find partners, form a team and build the largest solar boat in the world to achieve his vision. Between human and technological challenge, through the most beautiful landscapes of our world, this solar adventure will make you dream and realize that a better world is
possible. We have, today, all what we need to change and become sustainable.

Original title: Chasing the sun – Solar Planet

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