Buying hacked computers | VPRO Documentary

In this documentary, filmmaker Anthony van der Meer investigates the lively digital trade in hacked computers. He infiltrates a hacker forum for ‘RATters’; hackers who spy on people, steal or blackmail them. These victims are called ‘slaves.’

The documentary gives an insight into a world that remains hidden from many and, at the same time, investigates the ethical and journalistic limits of the maker.

The hacker forums offer not only ‘RAT tools,’ but also complete manuals on how to use these tools. Experienced RATters help beginners on their way, and tips are given on how to make money from slaves, whose photos are shared as trophies. Even antivirus software is dodged with easy-to-use tools.

Scenario & Direction: Anthony van der Meer
Production assistant: Noëlla Cornelisse
camera: Gijs Wilbers, Alwin Ritstier, Ruben Peters, Hendrik van Beek
Music & Sound post production: Sjoerd Limberger
Assembly: Anthony van der Meer, Alwin Ritstier
Visual effects: Kevin Verbeek
Colour correction & delivery: Laurent Fluttert
Courtesy of: Max Oomen, Sjoerd van Rijsbergen, Janez Jansa, Gregor Gobec

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