Birute Galdikas – Mother to Orangutans

Mother to Orang Utans (1994): A touching look at the orangutans of Kalimantan, Indonesia, and the scientist who has dedicated her life to studying and protecting them.

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Synopsis: Birute Galdikas has dedicated her life to saving orangutans from extinction as their habitat is wiped out by the timber industry. She has been observer, mother, and above all protector of these playful and intelligent animals for 23 years deep in the jungle, and retains a fascination of them to this very day. Orangutan numbers have halved in 10 years, but Galdakis continues to work hard for their survival. This piece has haunting footage of the fast disappearing jungle as Galdikas travels up-river to her base ‘Camp Leakey’.

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ABC Australia – Ref. 0081

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