Between Two Rocks – Pakistan

November 2009

For the last decade Peshawar has lived under increasing threat from the Taliban. As hostilities reach fever pitch, human rights issues have increased in tandem. Ordinary Pakistanis have never been more vunerable.
Four of my colleagues were killed, tells Sarfaraz Hkan, a local music shop owner. The Taliban calls the music Hkan sells un-Islamic, and the bullet holes in his shop walls are a clear warning for anyone daring to go against Sharia law. With policemen being executed by the Taliban, its understandable that theyre reluctant to fight back but this lack of action makes it seem the police is helping the Taliban. Meanwhile people are disappearing from Pakistans streets and are being held in illegal detention centres. Aisha Masoods father disappeared 4 years ago. Shes campaigned worldwide for the release of the illegally detained but she has no hope for the situation. I just feel desperate.

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