Australia’s Rising Dance Scene: A Misunderstood Culture? (2001)

E – Generation (2001): Every summer, an increasing number of young clubbers head out to raves and dance clubs. ABC Australia delves into dance culture to meet a generation defined by its own music politics, technologies and drugs.

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“Its almost like a collective consciousness of beliefs and systems regarding the world, society, how we live” says one young clubber. The dance culture prides itself on lack of aggression, following the raver’s unifying motto of peace, love, unity and respect. “You don’t seem to get as many problems as you do with alcohol in pub scenes” comments one police officer. Ecstasy however forms a key part of this sub culture. The incessant electronic dance music and long sessions lead clubbers to look for something that gives them “freedom and energy”. “The only way to get through it is to take the drugs” comments a regular user. However, the medium and long term effects of ecstasy are still unknown. Striking visuals illustrate the culture of this new dance generation and the controversy surrounding it.

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ABC Australia – Ref. 1063

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